Older. Chinese-American Muslim with a tinge of I-don’t-even-know-what. Fat-fingered and tragically addicted to pastel colors in any form. 

Generally happy. Year of the Monkey. Element Water, Personality. 

Easily amused, laughter similar to that of a four-legged bag-carrier of mile-long chasm fame. 


Perpetual student of all East Asian languages. Poorly attempting a grasp of the Arabic language. 

Geomorphology geek and lover. Ravaged with yellow fever of a most acute type. Studied abroad/interned in Nanjing, China from 2009 - 2010. Fell in love.

Interested in researching ethnic minority groups in China, identity issues, societal development and social phenomena in relation to the One-Child Policy in Mainland China.

Heavily invested in providing more insight and development in Muslim youth in China and America alike and struggling to learn more about own religion to help others.  

Strangely passionate about teaching and the analysis of the multitude of methods of attaining knowledge. An education geek. Taught as an English/Social Studies elementary school teacher for a year in a private school.


Currently a second-year Master’s student at UC San Diego studying International Politics/China. 

Endlessly grateful. Always blessed.